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Indiana CAM, AM, and Jet First Flight Cover NEED LIST

Cat #, Date, City, Direction

AM 88E78, August 1, 1961, Columbus, toward Cincinnati

CAM 34SE53, November 1, 1947, Fort Wayne, toward Marion/Mansfield/Pittsburg

AM 88E14, October 2, 1950, Indianapolis, toward Richmond IN/Cincinnati

AM 88E14f, October 2, 1950, Indianapolis AMF, toward Richmond IN/Cincinnati

J-0810 (AM-2), April 30, 1961, Indianapolis, toward New York

AM 88S58, September 1, 1958, Muncie, toward Richmond IN/Cincinnati

CAM 17W25, December 1, 1941, 11:30 am, South Bend, toward Chicago

AM 88S61, January 1, 1961, Terre Haute, toward Evansville

AM 88W81, July 1, 1967, Terre Haute, toward St. Louis


CAM-24N2, 2nd Anniversary flight, December 17, 1929, Indianapolis, toward Chicago

CAM-27W3, 3rd Anniversary flight, July 17, 1931, South Bend, toward Chicago

CAM-30S4, Last Day-time flight, ?March 31, 1930, Evansville, toward Nashville TN

CAM-30N4, 1st Anniversary flight, ?November 19, 1929, Evansville, toward Terre Haute

Indiana Airport Dedication Cover NEED LIST

Cat #, Date, City, Airport

B-122, 06/02/29, Anderson, Welch Field

E-059, 05/28/32, Angola, Tri-State Airport

N-085, 06/29/41, Auburn, Municipal Airport

AM-127, 11/19/65, Bedford, Virgil I Grissom Municipal Airport

B-168, 06/23/29, Bourbon, Bourbon Airport

AM-033, 05/23/65, Butler, Waterloo-Butler Airport

H-075, 06/17/35, Columbus, Wolf Municipal Airport

AA-124, 11/13/54, Columbus, Bakalar Air Force Base

G-179, 09/15/34, Connersville, Mettel Airport

AG-080, 09/18/60, Crawfordsville, Roscoe Turner Flight Strip

H-081, 06/22/35, Farmland, Municipal Airport

B-198, 07/05/29, Frankfort, Municipal Airport

D-232, 09/30/31, Greencastle, Sharp Field

AA-010, 03/01/54, Greencastle, Municipal Airport

AP-040, 05/12/68, Grissom, Grissom Air Force Base

AM-110, 10/12/65, Helmsburg, Kenstin Manor Airport

AG-057, 08/07/60, Huntington, Hosdreg Muni Airport

Q-003, 03/28/44, Indianapolis, Weir-Cook Airport

S-065, 06/16/46, Kokomo, Municipal Airport

F-140, 09/16/33, Marion, Marion Airport

F-141, 09/17/33, Marion, Marion Airport

C-222, 06/18/30, Michigan City, Michigan City Airport

U-146, 12/11/48, Michigan City, Municipal Airport

R-070, 10/21/45, Monticello, White County Airport

B-393, 09/29/29, Muncie, Muncie Airport

AE-78, 09/29/58, Muncie, Delaware Co Airport

T-228, 07/20/47, Nappanee, Municipal Airport

AN-42, 06/05/66, Portland, Steed Municipal Airport

B-371, 09/20/29, Princeton, Princeton Airport

R-027, 07/04/45, Richmond, Municipal Airport

S-197, 09/08/46, Salem, Boss Dinien Airport

G-175, 09/10/34, Seymour, Municipal Airport

P-026, 04/29/43, Seymour, Freeman Army Air Field

AN-108, 10/09/66, Sullivan, Sullivan County Airport

AB-102, 11/05/55, Terre Haute, National Guard Jet Base

AB-103, 11/06/55, Terre Haute, National Guard Jet Base

AN-71, 07/23/66, Valparaiso, Porter County Municipal Airport

O-062, 10/16/42, Vincennes, George Field

AL-037, 06/14/64, Vincennes, Bi-City Municipal Airport

U-062, 07/25/48, Warsaw, Municipal Airport

AM-034, 05/23/65, Waterloo, Walker-Rowe Airport

AG-081, 09/18/60, Waveland, Roscoe Turner Flight Strip

Balloon Jupiter First Day Covers

• I collect different cachets of Balloon Jupiter C54 First Day Covers,
with both single stamps and blocks of four.

• I have the following cachets, and I need examples of any other cachets.


Anderson cachet, Black


Anderson cachet, Black


Anderson cachet, Blue


Anderson cachet, Blue


Anderson cachet, Red


Anderson, cachet, Red


Aristocrats cachet



ArtCraft cachet. This has the incorrect date of
August 16 in the cachet.


ArtCraft cachet. This has the incorrect date of
August 16 in the cachet.


ArtCraft cachet. This has the correct date of
August 17 in the cachet.


ArtCraft cachet. This has the correct date of
August 17 in the cachet.


Artmaster cachet


Artmaster cachet


CachetCraft cachet


CachetCraft cachet


Mischa Maximum Card



Haworth/Velvatone Maximum card



Fleetwood cachet


Fleetwood cachet


Fluegel cachet



Generic cachet, unknown maker



Generic cachet, unknown maker



Generic cachet, unknown maker



Goldcraft cachet, Green



Farnam cachet


Farnam cachet


Lafayette Philatelic Society cachet


Lafayette Philatelic Society cachet


TriColor cachet


TriColor cachet


Unknown cachet maker




Von Olhen cachet


Velvatone cachet



Wright cachet


Indiana Highway Post Office NEED LIST

I Need First Trip Covers for:

HPO-2A, South Bend & Indianapolis, Trip 2, November 1, 1958

HPO-121A, Louisville KY & Evansville, Trip 1, September 1, 1953, (canceled "LOU & OWENS")

HPO-121A, Louisville KY & Evansville, Trip 2, September 1, 1953, (canceled "LOU & OWENS")

HPO-293, Indianapolis & Champaign IL, Trip 8, November 22, 1965


I Need First Trip Postcards for:

HPO-98, Cincinnati & Indianapolis, Trip 1, July 1, 1952

HPO-113, Indianapolis & Decatur, Trip 2, August 25, 1952


I Need Last Trip Covers for:

HPO-2, South Bend, Peru & Indianapolis, Trip 2, October 31, 1958

HPO-114, Indianapolis & Peoria, Trip 1, February 4, 1961

HPO-217, Nashville and St. Louis, Trip 92, October 14, 1966


I Need Indiana State Fair HPO Covers for:



I Need a First Trip Cover for the South Bend, Peru & Indianapolis May 3, 1941 route with the following cachet:

NINPhSocNorthern Indiana Philatelic Society cachet, I Need Trip 1.