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Indiana CAM, AM, and Jet First Flight Cover NEED LIST

Cat #, Date, City, Direction

AM-1W65 (CAM 17W25), December 1, 1941, 11:30 am, South Bend, toward Chicago

AM-2W6, May 13, 1934, Indianapolis, toward Terre Haute

AM-2SE51 (CAM 34SE53), November 1, 1947, Fort Wayne, toward Marion/Mansfield/Pittsburg

AM-7E9, 9 am, Indianapolis, toward Kalamazoo

AM-25E4, June 10, 1934, Indianapolis, toward Cincinnati

AM 88E14, October 2, 1950, Indianapolis, toward Richmond IN/Cincinnati

AM 88S58, September 1, 1958, Muncie, toward Richmond IN/Cincinnati


CAM-27W3, 3rd Anniversary flight, July 17, 1931, South Bend, toward Chicago

CAM-30N3, Last Daytime flight, March 31, 1930, Terre Haute, toward Chicago

Indiana Airport Dedication Cover NEED LIST

Cat #, Date, City, Airport

B-122, 06/02/29, Anderson, Welch Field

There are actually a number Indiana Airport Dedication covers that I don't have, but the above is a priority.

Indiana Highway Post Office NEED LIST

I Need First Trip Covers for:

HPO-2A, South Bend & Indianapolis, Trip 2, November 1, 1958

HPO-121A, Louisville KY & Evansville, Trip 1, September 1, 1953, (canceled "LOU & OWENS")

HPO-121A, Louisville KY & Evansville, Trip 2, September 1, 1953, (canceled "LOU & OWENS")

HPO-293, Indianapolis & Champaign IL, Trip 8, November 22, 1965


I Need Indiana State Fair HPO Cover for: